HempTech (OTC: HTCO) is a Nevada corporation formed in March 2014 that specially engineers technology products and provides consulting services primarily to cannabis growers in states which have legalized marijuana either for medical or recreational purposes. We can integrate our products into any indoor agricultural or horticulture project. We are also developing technology for the future of industrial hemp.

Groovy Groves is a State of Oregon Limited Liability Corporation that was started for the purpose of developing world class cultivation facilities for the cannabis market. The company’s focus is on providing diverse strains of extremely high quality cannabis for Medical and Recreational market as well as pharmaceutical companies and medical researchers. Quality requires commitment and expertise. We at Groovy Groves understand this.

Quality you can Smell, Flavors you can sell

HSPendleton, LLC

HSPendleton LLC was created as a real estate development company following a successful 26 year Custom High end construction run as a corporation. With partner Johnny Miller we started buying up southern California real estate for development. We ended up with a small 40 acre ranch in the desert, an 80 acre gold mine, a large portion of a dry lake and numerous smaller properties in the local desert and mountain communities. At last count we had 16 properties to work with in California.

Next, Johnny spotted value in Grants Pass, Oregon. We purchased the Jones Creek Property and then took a look at the larger parcel later that year. That gets us where we are now! Licensed and growing cannabis!